Cosy Winter Nighttime Routine | Hygge, Self-Care + Productivity

Hey everyone!

This is blogmas day 11. I’m super excited to bring you my Cosy Winter Nighttime Routine. If you’re from the southern hemisphere, no doubt you are fed up of me complaining about how it gets dark so early. 

Rather than continue that negative attitide towards darkness, let’s appreciate what we already have and make it cosy!

When it’s dark outside and you’re all wrapped up warm and safe inside, it feels hygge. This nighttime routine – hygge inspired – helps me embrace the darkness outside and not get too mad about it!

My nighttime routine begins at 6pm, when I completely stop work. I make a promise to myself not to work past 6pm, because – well – I deserve it! Online learning has given me a lot more flexibility in terms of schedule. On a normal, in-person school day I could be working until 8pm with the endless homework and assessments. Everyone is different so please don’t compare your habits to mine! I am about to share them with you but just because you do things differently doesn’t make you any better or worse than I am.


At the moment I’m watching Downton Abbey. While I watch it I’ll either make some scrunchies for my little biz, knit, do some colouring… I love doing this to break up my day. It always stretches my creative muscles 🙂 Oh, and you can buy a scrunchie from me right here! All the profits go to a service trip to Kenya where I’ll be facilitating school sessions for less priviliged children.

While I do my crafting, I light a candle. I’m burning a gingerbread one at the minute that adds a sweet, festive aroma to my room. Lighting candles brings out the ‘hygge’ in me and singles it’s time to wind down. And nothing beats the cosy vibes it emulates. 


Around 7 I like to tie up some loose ends. I’ll do blog admin: reply to DMs, comments, read your posts, sort through my emails. It’s the only time of day I get to spend on my blog! But a little goes a long way.

This will be the last time I go on social media until the morning. When I do carry on scrolling late into the night, it defintely has knock-on effects the following day (making me feel sluggish and less positive). I don’t know why it does because my feed is the most wonderful place! It might just be do with constantly being updated with other people’s lives.


I head back to the computer and start writing a blog post. Getting down initial thoughts will help me the following day when I need to finish the post. I don’t write the best in the evening, but you can always edit a bad page.You can’t edit a blank one! Blogmas is really exciting and writing so much doesn’t burn me out creatively, but it sure does take a lot of work.


This is the time I get ready for bed. I’ll hop into my pajamas, wash my face or maybe have a shower! Treating the end of the day as if it is something makes it worth something. Because it is dark and gloomy you can (I catch myself doing this) get ahead of yourself and start wishing about the next day rather than appreciating the one you’re in! But a nice little pamper, whether that be a nice shower or skincare routine, sets you up nicely for the evening ahead.


Towards the end of the day I do a quick power-clean and tidy up my room, getting set up for the following day. There might be a pile of papers I need to sort through, or clothes I need to put away. Small tasks can build up but 8.30 is when I just clear off as many from the to-do list as possible!


Speaking of to-do lists, anytime before 9 I’ll check in my bullet journal to see what I have done, what I need to complete, plans for the following day etc. While I have my bullet journal out I like to sit in bed and write down what I’m grateful for. By the time I’ve done a bit of journaling I’m normally really tired!


Often I’ll go to bed at 9 which is considered quite early. Although I’m ashamed of being a granny when it comes to bedtime! I listen to my body, and 9pm is shut off time. Sometimes I’ll fit in a bit of reading before bed but it honestly depends on the day. Since it’s Christmastime, I have my colourful lights strung around my room and these add a magical touch to the end of the day.

I hope this post inspires you to create your own nighttime routine if you don’t already have one. Routines can be boring but adding flexibility (like this one) makes it easier to stick to. A good routine sets you up for success! I personally find that without routine I’m a bit hopeless. If a ‘How To Create A Good Routine’ post is one you want to see, then do let me know. After a few years of using a structured morning and night routine there are a few tips and tricks I have under my belt that can help you!

What do you do every night, to set the next day up for success?

And please don’t feel guilty if you don’t have a good routine at the moment. Covid-19 sucks and it’s thrown us all off our axis. It’s okay to feel overwhelmed, stressed or anxious about what lies ahead. Just remeber that everything is temporary. If you need to speak to someone, I’m always here for you.

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10 Casual Magic Moments This Week | Collab With Ella’s Rambles

Casual magic? What is it?

Casual magic is a term cultivated by the successful conscious living/wellness blogger UnJaded Jade. Her successful YouTube channel based on self-improvement is a huge part of my life. Jade is an inspiration to me and one habit she implements that I took into my own is casual magic. Casual magic is synonymous with gratitude, but it’s more about the small simple pleasures in life than larger concepts (as you will see in this post).

Casual magic makes every day different. In times like lockdown it is especially important because other wise the days never differentiate. I’ve had severe cases of ‘every day is like the one before’ but casual magic does set it apart a little!

I apologise for the appalling quality of these photographs. As the laptop still isn’t working, I have to take photos on my phone and can’t export any I take on my camera 😭

My beautiful blogging friend Ella is also a casual magic advocate; today we bring you a collaboration! I will share 10 moments of casual magic with you, then you can click here to see Ella’s ‘casual magic’.

Appreciation for the little things is an essential part in your mindset. It sets you up for success, keeps you grounded in overwhelming moments and allows time to pass ‘slower’.

The concept of casual magic has kept me sane this year.

I hope reading my moments of thankfulness will inspire you to take a few of your own. 

1) Moonlight shining brightly through my window

The other night I woke up, around 5am, and the moolight was beating down on my bed like sun. It’s rare that light gets into my room as a beam so this was very precious and special. It felt like I was in a horrow film, Twilight, or a being reborn like a werewolf in a fairytale. This was pure magic – literally. My friend who lives nearby also recognised the wide and bright moon and put out her crystals to bathe in it. How cool is that?

2) Washing my hands with a really nicely scented soap

Molton Brown soap to be precise – very boujee! I don’t want to complain about hand sanitiser because it is a convenient way to stop us getting corona. But the constant application thorughout the day gets a bit boring, especially with the stinky hand sanitisers (if you know you know). Washing my hands with posh soap was so *cleansing* and I loved it. 

3) My Instagram DMs

Today I flicked from my personal account to my blog account. The personal account was dry and a bit depressing, but my blog one was full of lovely messages down to even your colourful profile photos. You make me so, so happy. Thank you – even if you just say hi ❤

4) Vibing to ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas’ as I replied to blog comments

It’s probably my favourite Christmas song! I was in my dad’s ‘office’ space spinning around on his chair because spinny chairs are superior, singing to Band Aid. Considering all the stress of end of term assessments, this moment felt extra happy. I’m drowning in schoolwork and even more worried about these tests. But we can do it. Turn up that Boy George!

5) Heavy duvet

This makes no sense, really. But you know how sometimes your duvet feels heavier than normal and you’re compltely sunk into your bed? I had one of those moments one morning. I had to get up early haha, but knowing I’d slept well was defintely *casual magic* because it made me more confident in conquering the day ahead. I had slept well. There’s no better feeling.

6) Sunset at 4pm

A magical moment – the school bell ringing and walking towards the bus park while sunset colours adorn the sky. These last few moments of daylight are really magical, and also important to remember as the nights get colder and darker. There is beauty in darkness!

7) Getting my Christmas decorations early

On Friday I was sent home from school due to a positive COVID test in my year group ‘bubble’. We were ushered out of the school around 12. There were no lessons in the afternoon, no set work at all. So mum brought down a few Christmas decorations! We’ve not got the big tree up yet, but my mini one went up and I strung some multi-coloured fairy lights all along my picture rail. It was very magical and I’m so grateful I can spend Christmas with my family this year.

8) Conversations with friends

Talking with my friends is so lovely. They’re kind, patient, funny and the perfect company. Linking back to be sent home from school, there were a few moments when we were talking that I really felt grounded and happy. As we were walking out of school, I was so surprised by the events of the day that most things felt surreal. Except this. I’m so glad I had a final in-person conversation before my 14 day quarantine. 

9) A drizzle of snow

As I was putting up my decorations that Friday afternoon, a bit of snow started to fall! It didn’t stick because it had previously rained but that doesn’t excuse how special it felt. Christmas music, Christmas decorations, Christmas weather!

10) Helping my mum set up her business Instagram page

Last night I was helping mum set up her Instagram page for her business. I ran through what needed to be in a bio, how to attract customers, why your profile photo and headline is like your ‘store-front’. It was fun! And it’s something that I’m good at – at least she thinks so – and that was very reassuring. A nice boost of confidence 🙂 Now I’m locked up for 14 days, I’ll be spending more time with family and I’ve got to appreciate those little moments.

Writing this post was really refreshing. Thank you so much to Ella, the person who is collborating on this post with me, for the idea. When I did my face reveal, I refreshed my niche to ‘conscious living’ so that I can focus on topics I am really passionate about such as wellness, lifestyle and sustainability. 

One thing I advocate is gratitude. Gratitude for the little things. It is so important to appreciate where you are now, in spite of your difficulites or goals. Through practicing thankfulness you can truly fulfil your potential, and reach mental wellness. 

This post was beneficial to me, but I also hope you enjoyed reading it.

What is your casual magic today?

Catherine x

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Take Care Of Yourselves, It’s Wellness Wednesday! | The Positivity Project

Somedays, all we want is to eat junk and watch telly. But afterwards do we actually feel too good? Today’s ‘challenge’ is wellness. I’m going to try and be a little bit healthier, by not eating loads of my Easter chocolate today. And, keeping to Government regulations, I’m going out for daily exercise. Usually this is a walk with my family but I’m also doing a workout each morning, along with daily yoga. Only since isolation have I been doing this much exercise and I suppose it has benefits. It can be a struggle to wake up and get my workout done, but it’s worth it! If you’re looking for something to try out, I recommend:

Chloe Ting


Lucy Wyndham Read

Yoga With Adriene 

Joanna Soh Official

Here’s my go-to breakfast, porridge with banana! It’s really delicious and super good for you.

How are you going to stay healthy today? Will you have a nice homemade meal, or try a workout?

Hope you’re all okay! Don’t feel pressure to be healthy all day every day. We all have down days, and we sometimes need to acknowledge that. Sometimes the right thing for our minds is to just sit back and survive. Being alive is enough, you don’t need to be productive! Taking care of yourself is not baths and spas, it’s being mindful and doing what you need.

erin x

What Are These Daily Posts For?

Throughout these difficult times, a group of my friends on Instagram decided to form The Positivity Project. Created by Emily, this project aims for people to be more happy even in the most difficult circumstances. To launch this project, I will be posting every single day this week: updating you on the recent prompts and how to complete them. I would like you to head on over to Emily’s blog (and Instagram) because she is the amazing person who create this idea. If you are to complete anything I prompt you towards, or just something positive, let me know in the comments. Or take it a step further and tag me in a photo on Instagram! (@kittyjadeblog)