I Survived Camp!

If all went to plan, I should still be on Scout camp for another three days. However, it was cancelled. I’m going to tell you my adventure in diary format, enjoy!

Disclaimer: I really enjoyed this camp. I know I’m moaning throughout this whole post but weather does impact your mood. It also makes things less convenient.

27th July 

This morning I arrived in the most awful rain. Before I’d even passed the car park (a field) the bottom of my holdall was covered in mud. Not that I minded. At first I thought my bag had enough protection, though I was wrong. the mud and water soaked through the bottom of my bag and coloured my clean white towels brown. Everything in my bag is still damp: clothes, camera. Only the things I am wearing have stayed relatively dry!

Putting up the tents was easy but we had a few mishaps with the inner. There are three tents on our pitch (not including leaders) and, unfortunately, they all have puddles in. I’ve stayed in the mess all afternoon and it looks like we won’t be going out until the opening ceremony.

I’ve just came back from the ceremony. it was so much fun! Lots of good songs and there are 25 countries camping here. The rain stayed away while we walked there but returned as we walked back to the sub-camp.

The leaders are giving us lots of warm drinks because everyone is shivering, teeth-chattering.

28th July

The sun woke me up at 6:20 but didn’t stay for long. Soon there was rain again and some activities are cancelled today. It’s just after breakfast and I’ll be washing the dishes next. It’s nice to take time to write in here though. many of my friends are keeping diaries as well!

We’ve had activities all day and a few emergency cups of tea.  The rain hasn’t left us yet. All of my clothes are getting much damper and we’re not allowed inside the tents until this rain calms down a bit (which it hasn’t since 9:00am).

It’s now 5:00pm and the tents have puddles in them. Nothing is pushing the inner to the outer but I suspect it’s the wind. I’m just staying inside the mess and keeping as warm as I can. It’s getting harder and harder to write with my fingers going numb.

Update: two girls have left our camp. There are nine of us left. It is extremely cold but I’ve got to pull through. Not cleaned my teeth or washed since yesterday morning. The cleaning facilities are porta-showers (which are grim and coated with mud on the bottom) and portaloos. We have no sinks.

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Refreshing Summer Drinks | How To Make Fruity Smoothies (Vegan)

Most of you, my readers, are fortunate enough to have warm weather this summer. On the occasion that the UK don’t get rain, we need refreshing drinks too. I would like to share with you some of my favourites, including some smoothie recipes!

1) Cucumber Water


I discovered cucumber water only a couple of years ago. I was travelling and ate dinner in a restaurant which offered free water! At first I was speculating the idea, but I really love it. When I started taking cucumber in my water bottles out and about, I had a few weird looks. Though it is one of the most refreshing and tasty flavours out there.

2) Lemon Infused Water

Simply lemon and water, left for a few minutes to diffuse. There is no sourness to it and, to my advantage, it boosts your metabolism!


3) Mixed Berry Smoothie

Before you begin, please freeze the fruits beforehand! (other than banana, which is better blended at room temperature) I will have to go through a quick recipe with you and it is very easy. Smoothie bowls are quite trendy at the moment, but it’s for a reason! I really enjoy a smoothie with oats for my breakfast.

Side note: my blender is very powerful so I can manage to get it smooth within 30-45 seconds. If your blender is not so good, split the ingredients and blend in smaller amounts!


  • Frozen strawberries (sliced in half, preferably)
  • Frozen raspberries
  • Frozen blueberries
  • One banana (in chunks)
  • Almond milk
  • Honey



  • For measurements, use a large mug. Firstly, fill a mug with equal amounts of strawberries, blueberries and raspberries. Add this into the blender.
  • After that, use the same mug to measure out almond milk. Less would make it thicker (preferable for a smoothie bowl) though a mug full would make a perfect smooth consistency.
  • A spoonful of honey sweetens up the raspberries (which can be quite sour) so you could use this, though it is totally optional.
  • Finally, add in chunks of banana.

Make sure you lid is on tight before you blend!

4) Strawberry and Banana Smoothie


  • Mug full of sliced, frozen strawberries
  • One banana
  • Almond milk
  • Honey (optional)

With the same method as last time, using ‘mug-full’ as a measurement 😂

This is actually the mixed berry smoothie but you can pretend it’s a strawberry and banana…

Will you try any of these smoothies? What are your favourite refreshing drinks?

Thank you very much for reading my post today. I hope that you have a very nice summer!


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