My Top 10 Favourite Albums (Plus A Few More Because I Couldn’t Narrow It Down)

Hey, hey, hey!

I almost instantly regret saying that.

Anyway, how are you all doing? Have you had a good week? I’m writing this the weekend before it goes live. I just came back from a bike ride and it was really good fun. Cold – but sunny. It’s really got me into the wintery mood (I am also drinking from a Christmas mug as I write this… the festive vibes are high). Today is one of the only ‘nice’ days we’ve had this week. It’s been really rainy and I thought the bike ride would have to be cancelled, but the odds were in my favour!

I wanted to switch things up with this post and share my top 10 favourite albums. When I’m getting to know someone it’s one of the first questions I ask them. Through learning what styles of music I like, it might help you get to know me better! It was a really struggle cutting this down to 10 so there are in fact 12. But for the sake of the title, here are my top 10 favourite albums. 

1) Midnight Memories – One Direction 

Had to include some 1D in here, and the album that really speaks to me is Midnight Memories. It’s quite good lyrically, very catchy, and definitely leaning towards pop/rock. 

2) Harry Styles – Harry Styles

Harry Styles is one of the artists in recent history we will never forget. Only a week ago we found out he will be the first male cover of Vogue! He experiments with gender expression and uses his platform for good. Harry comes more into his own with the Fine Line era, but the music I most prefer is on his self-titled album. My favourites being Only Angel, Kiwi and Two Ghosts. 

3) Flicker – Niall Horan 

Yes – I am that girl. Completely and utterly obsessed with 1D. I don’t think I can’t ever move past my ‘phase’. Niall is the most talented of the 1D boys musically. His voice his like an angel. I love this album in particular because it has a country sound to it? Whereas his recent album is really pop-y. I know I love 1D but pop these days is so over-saturated and there’s not much talent shining through. This is an exception, but I think was released 3 years ago?

4) Folklore – Taylor Swift

Folklore is so true to its name. Most of the songs have a country music echo. She concentrated on story-telling and the album constructs a series of novels, almost. My favourite is ‘betty’. 

5) Help! – The Beatles

Here’s my attempt at defining this album: every track is like a single. Every track is a ‘headline’ as if the album should be named after it. It’s so precious. Probably my favourite album EVER?!?!? If you take any recommendations from this post, listen to ‘Help!’

6) Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band – The Beatles

Sgt Pepper’s is the backbone to my childhood. It’s always been there and the nostalgia makes me cry sometimes. The album is not sad though, not at all. My top picks from this album are ‘When I’m 64’, ‘Lovely Rita’ and ‘Getting Better’.

7) Favourite Worst Nightmare – Arctic Monkeys

Arctic Monkeys. There’s nothing more to say, but I will say more to encourage you to listen to them! I absolutely love this album for the drums! The songs are still quite focused in the melody but the drums. Wow. This album is a brilliant mood-lifter. I sing the lyrics so aggressively but it puts me in the best mood. But if you’ve never listened to Arctic Monkeys, I’d recommend AM as your ‘first’ album. It’s a little less… full on? 

8) Tell Me I’m Pretty – Cage The Elephant

After my friend recommended I listen to Cage The Elephant, I’ve been obsessed. This is the only album I’ve really listened to but it’s beautiful. The album ties together really well, but the band itself has a very different sound to any indie band I’ve listened to before.

9) The Ride – Catfish And The Bottlemen

Even if you’re not a fan of indie stuff, Catfish & The Bottlemen mix themes that are popular in pop music and add this acoustic twist? It’s really hard to explain but I love this band.

10) English Graffiti – The Vaccines

This album reminds me of being in Year 5 and making Musicallys. But it’s not ‘Musically’ sort of music! Similar vibes to Favourite Worst Nightmare. Inherently British and very, very good. The Vaccines are incredibly underrated these days.

11) Doctor Who: Series 5 – Murray Gold

Time for some cLaSsiCaL music. This is the soundtrack to series 5 of Doctor Who which was released in 2010. It was this ‘era’ of Doctor Who that I was old enough to get what was going on and I loved it. I still love it. Film/TV music has such an impact and this composing is one of a kind. I wish Murray Gold still did Doctor Who because I could swear down this soundtrack is the best soundtrack to Doctor Who there has ever been! 

12) Chaos And The Calm – James Bay

Now THIS is pop music I enjoy. James Bay’s voice is so unique, although sort of like George Ezra? I have no clue what genre this album is but, as I said earlier with Help!, every song is like a single. This throws me back to 2015. I can guarantee you’ve heard ‘Hold Back The River’ but ‘Best Fake Smile’ is my personal favourite. 

I could talk about music for days, and I feel guilty for leaving so many of my favourites out on this list! 

What’s your favourite album? 

And if you can’t choose one, just spill your entire Spotify playlist below.

Catherine x

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10 Reasons You Should Wake Up Early | How To Be An Early Riser When You Really, Really Don’t Feel Like It

Whether it’s summer, the weekend or still lockdown where you live, sometimes waking up early can be difficult. Without the incentive, you can easily lie in bed for a couple more hours. This post is not only to help you, but also myself. There are many perks to waking up early, and I want to compile them all in a post. So, whenever you’re contemplating a lie-in you remember how good an early start makes you feel.

1) You have some alone time in the morning 

This one appeals to me the most. As someone who enjoys quiet time, in a busy house it can be hard to find. Especially when your brother plays guitar non-stop all day (I’m surprised his fingers are still intact!)

2) Bird song

Maybe the city gals don’t relate to this one, but since I live semi-rurally bird song is not hard to find. If you do live in an urban landscape, I’d recommend turning on bird sounds just to feel more at peace. It’s one of my favourite sounds and it’s always best in the early hours.

3) Early morning sunshine!

During winter and summer, early morning sunshine is at its best. I love the golden glow it emits on to the garden and through the kitchen window. It makes me smile every time I see it!

4) Head start on the day

While everyone else is asleep, you can be cracking on with your to-do list. I always have an afternoon slump so I rely on the mornings to get things done. Then later on, when you hit that wall, you don’t have to fear. You’ve already got a lot of shiz done!

5) Ability to stay off screens for longer before work/school/blog begins

I like to spend time off social media in the morning. However, if you wake up later (say 9am) and have a meeting a 9:30, you won’t have much time to detox from screens before launching yourself straight into work. Wake up early, spend less time on screens in the morning, feel better.

6) Time to meditate (no interruptions)

I’m not the sort of person you’ll find cross legged completing a guided meditation. But meditation is more than the trendy kind you see on YouTube. My form of meditation is journaling. In the morning, not only can I get journaling done and dusted, but I can journal for longer without interruptions.

7) Less time wasted

If I wake up late I feel as if the day has slipped away already, so I don’t force myself to complete much. Whereas when I wake up early I launch into tasks and get much more done. In the evening I’m never productive, so that’s why I like to sleep earlier then I can make the most of my time.

8) The afternoon slump… it’s not as bad for a morning person!

If you wake up earlier, the afternoon slump tends to fall around lunchtime. Therefore you can take your lunch break while you’re feeling a bit demotivated, then refresh and launch back into work. But when I wake up at 8, my slump tends to fall around 3pm.

9) Going for walks while it’s not busy/no screaming children

Dear children, they’re sweet little people but they’re so damn loud. Getting out for your walk early has many benefits: you avoid the blazing sun, it’s nice and cool, no-one is about, children are still in bed. I love quiet so getting out early means there is more tranquility. The only people you encounter are similar minded people! Therefore interaction is avoided at all costs… except for maybe a smile or an awkward ‘hello’.

10) Feels like an accomplishment 

I hear people moan about how they ‘can’t possibly get up so early’. So when I get up early, I just feel like I’ve accomplished something.

Thank you so much for reading today’s post! It’s a little different to my usual, but self-growth is a niche I would like to delve into more. 

Do you enjoy posts like this? What is one thing I’ve mentioned that you relate to?

Have a lovely week everybody! 

catherine x

(I swear I’ve not written such a short post since my six word stories)

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