These Aren’t Your Regular Self-Care Tips

Don’t feel guilty for taking a break. Some of you say sorry and write a whole post of apology… You really don’t need to! Most breaks from social media benefit a person’s mental health and that’s brilliant. I think we all should be spending less time on technology – especially now brighter season’s are coming (for the northern hemisphere at least). Life is for living, not sitting in your room trying to gain followers. Instead of scheduling breaks, just take them when you need to. In Winter I tend to blog a lot because there’s nothing to do outside! However, when spring comes, I go on walks and enjoy the world around me. You should try it too. 

A lot of social media is now filled up with ‘self-care’ and ‘how to be happy’. Though those accounts can bring smiles to people’s faces, nothing feels better than experiencing the warmth of sun on your face. No bubble bath can beat the satisfaction of ticking a task off the to-do list. 

Self-love comes in many different forms. Getting things done is more kind to yourself than watching Netflix.

Please do what is right for you. Don’t feel that you have to journal because you have a lot of thoughts on your mind. Just because working out benefits your friend, doesn’t mean it’s going to benefit you. Different things work for different people. These differences make us all unique and, as they say, variety is the spice of life.

I’m not going to apologise that this post is cheesy. I’m not going to let any of you apologise for taking care of yourself. 

erin x



Mid-Week Thoughts | The Sad Truth of Blogging

It’s no lie that people in the blogging community don’t read posts start to finish. I know that I am not always alert when I’m scrolling through blog posts of an evening, usually reading through closed lids. Sometimes it can be really hard to read and comment on all of the posts in your inbox, especially when people upload so often. I don’t blame you for being more responsive on my Six Word Stories than any other posts that I write. From the writer’s perspective it can be very disheartening though. You spend so much time writing a post and no-one on the other end is bothered to read it. Of course there are a few of you that do care, and I hope you know that you are appreciated very much! Coming across a thoughtful comment is very rare. So, to be that light in someone else’s comments section, I plan to spend more time reading and replying to your hard work in the future! Sometimes I take this lovely community for granted, or concentrate too hard on making content. People can take pay too much attention to statistics and ignore the fact that there are people behind these screens. I am guilty of that, but now that I have sentenced myself I feel like I can do better in the future!

Sorry for the moan, but I thought it was worth bringing to light. Please share a nice comment on someone’s blog post today. It makes us all (referring to bloggers) very, very happy!

Hope you are all having a good week,

erin x




The Commercialisation Of Christmas

Christmas is all about money these days. Before we begin I’d like to mention that I’m not a Christian – more of an atheist – though I still think that it is important to remember the reason for the season. Most of you will have done the Nativity plays when you were in primary school. It’s really important to educate people, especially young children, as to why some nations celebrate this occasion. Supposedly, this time 2019 years ago, Jesus was born. You might not believe in Him as a miracle maker (neither do I). What you must understand, however, is that He is a symbol for hope. That is why Christian nations believe Christmas a time of community. It’s not about celebrating the birth of a baby, but to celebrate the birth of hope. Everybody should be welcome at Christmas. That’s why schools support charities such as Save The Children, because some kids won’t be getting presents this year, or a warm fire to sit by. I can’t bear seeing the commercialisation of a season that is meant to be interpreted as a time where money shouldn’t matter – and everyone is equal.

Don’t get me wrong, I love making Christmas content for you. I’d just like everyone to take a step back and remember why we celebrate this occasion in the first place 🙂





The Mid-Year Book Freakout Tag

Hello, welcome back to my blog!

Thank you very much Rhiana @ Marshmallow Harmonies for allowing me to partake in the Mid-Year Book Freakout Tag. I have been reading Rhi’s blog for a while now, and it is so enjoyable! Thank you for all the recommendations as well: my TBR is expanding larger and larger! If you would like to keep up with my constant book-worming then you can check out my Goodreads.

Goodreads has really motivated me to read more. I was reading about 1 book a week and now I’m reading three or four!

Best Book So Far Of 2019

There are so many that could qualify for this place but Wuthering Heights is the best classic novel… ever!

Best Sequel I’ve Read

Definitely Pandemonium and Requiem, from the Delirium trilogy. The sequels were just as good as the first one, if not better.

New Release I Am Yet To Read

The Secret Barrister: Stories of the Law and How It’s Broken. This was released in 2018 so does it class as recent? Besides, I’m intrigued by the synopsis and I think it will be one I will read again and again.

Most Anticipated For The Second Half of 2019

I’m looking forward to the Hunger Games prequel at the start of 2020, but I’m not aware of any new releases in the second half of this year. I’m looking forward to the next in the Rosewood Chronicles by Connie Glynn! Yet, there’s no release date for that.

Biggest Dissapointment

I’ve not been disappointed by any books this year! I don’t look at reviews before I read them. Sometimes I have to just walk into my tiny local library and pick up whatever is available. Most of the time, it’s not even on my TBR…

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How To Be More Eco-Friendly (Even As Teens!)

Hello, welcome back to my blog.

I know many of you are passionate about cutting down on plastics and saving the environment, but how do we do that? I am sharing with you, today, some easy ways to make sure you are doing the best for the environment. So even though we can’t vote for better government, we can change a few things in our everyday life.

Don’t Buy Books

It will help save our planet and it will save you money! Use facilities like the library to read books. I am a massive bookworm, as many of you will know, but I don’t need books to prove that. I use the library, and occasionally a charity shop. If I ever buy from a charity shop, I always return it once I’ve read it. Not only does this help a charity, it helps you. You no longer have to find space to store that book.

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