Back From The Dead!

Though for you it may look like I’ve not been away, I have actually taken a break from blogging. Thanks to my very clever past self, I still had three posts every week and never missed a beat. However, I have had a considerable long break from actually writing so that’s why this post is a bit of a jumble. Just like I used to, I’m going to use my blog for rambling today. If that’s not what you would like to see then I totally understand – I will get back to the normal lifestyle posts in the next few days.

Last week was so hectic. I’m going to provide a little itinerary for you (this post is mainly for my benefit, to get things out of my head but you may find enjoyment in it anyway):

Monday 14th October

I visited BBC Media City and The Imperial War Museum in Manchester. There will be a travel diary for it! I got back quite late (about 18:30) when I was estimated to get back at 17:00 – so quite a few tasks were unfinished! I have a tendency to beat myself up when there is an unfinished task on my to-do list. This put me under minor stress and pressure.



Tuesday 15th October

Auditions for Beauty & The Beast production! I didn’t want a main part but I was still really anxious about it. Turns out I did alright but I had to stay 2 hours after I’d normally be back from school. This cut out a lot of my dedicated homework time. Additionally, at break times that day, I was running a cake sale to fundraise for a camp with Scouts. There was hardly any time to chill that day but I managed to watch Bake Off in the evening which was relaxing.

Wednesday 16th October

I continued doing the cake sale in my break times. Interacting with people takes a lot of energy from me so the tiredness was really adding up. I usually have a Scout meeting on a Wednesday evening but I couldn’t make it because I had an English essay to complete. I was also feeling a little bit ill because of the stress was piling on top of me and I also had three teeth taken out at the dentist. I’ll be getting a brace soon. I can hold myself accountable for watching too much Gavin & Stacey that evening but it did cheer me up a bit!

Thursday 17th October

Cake sales, auditions and English essays were all completed so I could finally chill out. It felt amazing to spend an evening with family and just doing what I like best – reading. Still not finished a book this week which is mildly disappointing but I still have the weekend ahead of me!


Friday 18th October  (the day that I am writing this)

Once again I am being a lazy asshole and doing nothing. I finished my homework as soon as I got through the door so by five o’clock the evening was mine. Writing this post has really helped relieve the stress from my system so thank you very much for reading it. I hope that this post helped distract you from your personal worries because that is what I aim to do.

Have you had a hectic week? Feel free to dump your brain in the comments below if it isn’t co-operating. I completely understand!



Goodreads (I barely update it but it makes me feel like a valid book blogger)


What I’m Up To This Summer | Ft. A Lot Of Rambling

It’s now official, I’ve ended school for the summer! I would like to share with you some plans I have for the future of this blog, my plans for the holidays and other random things you need to know.


This summer I’ll be redesigning my blog. There will be no change to the name or site address, though the layout with go through a few rearrangements. This is due to my post topics changing. I used to blog all about philosophy and poems. There will still be some of that, but less often. I feel like voicing my opinions takes a lot to try and make it less controversial. I don’t like creating drama!

Most readers are aware that I am now blogging more about books and travel. This topic has reached a broader audience and I’ve made some really good blogging friends through the subject.

Another thing I would like to cover in this post is Bookstagram. I’m not sure how I feel about restarting my Instagram feed because I have some really successful posts. What I may do is private my account for a week whilst I create a new theme and start posting. I currently have lots of landscapes in my feed and I wonder if I should post them just on my blog, and not through another platform. I’ve experimented with bookstagram this past month and the community is so lovely! I do not want to give it up but I do need some more practise.

I find it hard to keep up with my story sometimes, though. Some days I have a lot to show but some days I have nothing. This means I have lack of engagement. Though statistics don’t bother me, I love reaching out to other people.

Edit: my Bookstagram is up and running! I have a new theme that I have been posting to every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


  • At the end of July I will be going on camp with my Scout group. This camp lasts for a week.
  • I’ll also be going to Llandudno again. I went earlier in the year and I have a record of it here!
  • In August I will be going to Menorca, and island at the south of Spain.

All of my travel will be recorded and posted on this blog a couple of weeks after the trip 😊 I’m looking forward to be writing a travel diary again. I haven’t travelled much in this last month so there have been no records for a while…


I haven’t set any book reading goals for the holidays though I have nearly reached my yearly target! I set a goal of fifty books and never knew I’d get quite so far through it. This year has sparked a new motivation for reading a lot more!

My Bucketlist

I have a post for my bucket list here and am hoping to achieve most of them. It would be really rewarding to have them all ticked off by the end of August!

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June Bullet Journal Set-Up 2019

As a way to help lower my OCD levels and keep on top of any stress, I started bullet journaling. For years I have been unconsciously keeping a bujo, without even knowing what it was called. At the start of this year, I purchased my first dotted notebook and started creatively bullet journaling. It has been hard to get my grips on! Yet practice (and watching a lot of Amanda Rach Lee) has made perfect.

Today I am sharing with you my June bujo setup (sorry it’s a bit late). I decided to go with a minimalistic, parabolic design theme. Continue reading

France Travel Diary | Bayeux Tapestry, D-Day Landing Beaches & a Beautiful Evening!

Hello, welcome back to my blog!

Today I am sharing with you more of my France travel diary. This is part two, you can enjoy this post on it’s own or as part of the series. Previous days are linked here!

Wednesday 22nd May

One the second (third technically) day of France, I went to Bayeux to experience the cathedral and the well-known tapestry. Before going to the Bayeux museum, I explored the town. The market was interesting and very colourful!

Bayeux cathedral

I can’t explain how excited I was to go and see the Bayeux tapestry! History is a subject I have a deep interest in. The Battle of Hastings has had such an influence on England so to see it represented in this artistic form was cool. Historians believe there is a chunk missing, at the end.

With inability to take photos, I have nothing to show you of the tapestry itself. If you are to visit – I will tell you a few things about the experience. It was narrated (so you don’t have to recall the Norman Conquest in your head 😂). You went through a tunnel and had the pictures explained to you in detail. This interpretation of the story was very interesting and accurate.

So the colours can’t fade, it was in a dark room. The only light was a dim, strip light – directly above the tapestry – which was held in a cabinet.

After being in the room itself, there was an exhibition upstairs which showcased a timeline, film, and other parts on the making of it. I visited all the exhibits and watch the film!

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Going To A Cat Café (Plus Other Things) | Liverpool Travel Diary

It should come as no surprise that I went to Liverpool… again 😂 Today I’ll be recording 26-27th April in a little travel diary for you! I took a lot more photos than I usually do, so you’re in for a treat.

As soon as we (we meaning my dad, mum and brother) arrived, we were soon to get to the Mersey Ferries office. We booked a trip that included a visit to Spaceport, the U-Boat story and a commentated ferry around the River Mersey. This excursion took up most of the day’s hours, but it was so worth it! I loved every bit of it, and I managed to read all the information on the signs (usually that doesn’t happen 😂) .

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