10 Reasons You Should Wake Up Early | How To Be An Early Riser When You Really, Really Don’t Feel Like It

Whether it’s summer, the weekend or still lockdown where you live, sometimes waking up early can be difficult. Without the incentive, you can easily lie in bed for a couple more hours. This post is not only to help you, but also myself. There are many perks to waking up early, and I want to compile them all in a post. So, whenever you’re contemplating a lie-in you remember how good an early start makes you feel.

1) You have some alone time in the morning 

This one appeals to me the most. As someone who enjoys quiet time, in a busy house it can be hard to find. Especially when your brother plays guitar non-stop all day (I’m surprised his fingers are still intact!)

2) Bird song

Maybe the city gals don’t relate to this one, but since I live semi-rurally bird song is not hard to find. If you do live in an urban landscape, I’d recommend turning on bird sounds just to feel more at peace. It’s one of my favourite sounds and it’s always best in the early hours.

3) Early morning sunshine!

During winter and summer, early morning sunshine is at its best. I love the golden glow it emits on to the garden and through the kitchen window. It makes me smile every time I see it!

4) Head start on the day

While everyone else is asleep, you can be cracking on with your to-do list. I always have an afternoon slump so I rely on the mornings to get things done. Then later on, when you hit that wall, you don’t have to fear. You’ve already got a lot of shiz done!

5) Ability to stay off screens for longer before work/school/blog begins

I like to spend time off social media in the morning. However, if you wake up later (say 9am) and have a meeting a 9:30, you won’t have much time to detox from screens before launching yourself straight into work. Wake up early, spend less time on screens in the morning, feel better.

6) Time to meditate (no interruptions)

I’m not the sort of person you’ll find cross legged completing a guided meditation. But meditation is more than the trendy kind you see on YouTube. My form of meditation is journaling. In the morning, not only can I get journaling done and dusted, but I can journal for longer without interruptions.

7) Less time wasted

If I wake up late I feel as if the day has slipped away already, so I don’t force myself to complete much. Whereas when I wake up early I launch into tasks and get much more done. In the evening I’m never productive, so that’s why I like to sleep earlier then I can make the most of my time.

8) The afternoon slump… it’s not as bad for a morning person!

If you wake up earlier, the afternoon slump tends to fall around lunchtime. Therefore you can take your lunch break while you’re feeling a bit demotivated, then refresh and launch back into work. But when I wake up at 8, my slump tends to fall around 3pm.

9) Going for walks while it’s not busy/no screaming children

Dear children, they’re sweet little people but they’re so damn loud. Getting out for your walk early has many benefits: you avoid the blazing sun, it’s nice and cool, no-one is about, children are still in bed. I love quiet so getting out early means there is more tranquility. The only people you encounter are similar minded people! Therefore interaction is avoided at all costs… except for maybe a smile or an awkward ‘hello’.

10) Feels like an accomplishment 

I hear people moan about how they ‘can’t possibly get up so early’. So when I get up early, I just feel like I’ve accomplished something.

Thank you so much for reading today’s post! It’s a little different to my usual, but self-growth is a niche I would like to delve into more. 

Do you enjoy posts like this? What is one thing I’ve mentioned that you relate to?

Have a lovely week everybody! 

catherine x

(I swear I’ve not written such a short post since my six word stories)

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How To Be A Morning Person (If You Want To) | 5 Easy Tips & Useful Advice

Not all of us can be morning people. There’s no point trying to be someone you’re not! If you’re a night owl, you do you. However, I know a lot of you want to try out early starts for a time so you know how it makes you feel. I’ve always been an early riser and over the years I have implemented things into my routine that help me off to a good start. In case you’re interested,I wake up at 6. These are the tips I have for you if you want to wake up earlier:

1) Get 8 Hours Of Sleep

This sounds shocking to a lot of you, but it’s the healthiest amount of time you should be in bed. On the first couple of nights I’d even try 9 hours, because your body clock with trick itself into thinking you’re tired when you’re not. After a week or two you’ll get into a routine. Set an alarm for bedtime and stick by it! I get ready for bed about 20:30 and fall asleep around 22:00. This leaves time for doing the things I like before bed, rather than late night studying. 

2) One Alarm Only!

At first you will need to use a snooze alarm, but after a month get rid! It’s really bad to have a snooze, and it makes you more tired than you were previously. To cut it short, your body takes an hour to ‘shut down’ and when you interrupt this your body reacts and thinks it needs more sleep. I’m good at waking up at the first alarm, because I have a motivation for the morning.

3) Set An Intention

In the past month I got into practising yoga and I do it to start off every morning. When I’m laying in bed, debating whether or not to lie in, I think about my yoga. Just the idea motivates me to get up! And once I’m out of bed I do something to fully wake myself up.

4) Drink Water

Before bed I get myself a glass of water, leaving it on my desk for the morning. Once I switch off my alarm (which is across the room, double tip here!), I go over and drink a whole glass of water. At once. After 8 hours of not drinking it’s really important to get fluid in your body, but it also wakes you up. If water isn’t your thing, go downstairs and make yourself a cup of tea! There’s no point going to bed when the kettles boiling.

5) Stick To It

Weekends are no exception! Get up every day at the same time and slowly you’ll have a consistent body clock. It may seem hard at first but your future self will thank you for it.

What time do you wake up every morning? Are you an early bird or a night owl?

erin x



The ‘M’ In March Means Mental Health | Help From My Followers

The ‘M’ in March Means Mental Health. This month I am sharing with you a series of mental health related posts. There is such a stigma attached to mental health and we all need to realise how disrespectful it is to overlook this issue. In the UK, about 30% of young people have mental health problems. That is a huge number. That’s approximately 1 in 3 people! So, for those of you suffering, I hope these posts gives you some help. And for the other 70%, I hope these posts remind you to be more aware of your own mental health. Caring for your mind is just as important as caring for your body. So please tag along in this journey as we all shares our thoughts together. An overwhelming number of people wanted to help in this cause so I’ll also share with you their perspectives on mental health too!

When I shared the ‘March For Mental Idea’ on my Instagram I had so many positive responses. There were so many people that wanted to help. This post is an accumulation of the responses I received! Hope you find them beneficial!

“Firstly I would say allow yourself to heal, if there is something in your life that is clearly making you sick and you can do something about it, change it. Stop waiting to be happy, its easy to do, simply saying, I can’t wait until… but life’s short so its better to make small changes and live in the moment. Take one day at a time if you can, write a list of the five most important things you need to do in your day, no matter how small they seem and tick them off as you go, anything extra is a bonus. Lastly, remember its a slow process and it may never go away completely but it will get easier with time and before you know it you are doing things you never dreamed you could.”  – Pages & Paws (@pages.paws)

Check out her wonderful bookish Instagram! You’ll also find lots of dog photos there too (you don’t want to miss them!)

“The worst part of having a mental illness is people expect you to behave as if you don’t.” – Joker

Why is it that people who are mentally unwell are shunned by our society? Why is it that we become so uncomfortable when people talk about their mental illness? Why do we run away from mentally unwell people simply because we feel that we cannot ‘handle’ their illness? Why is it that people think that mental illness is not a ‘real’ thing?

It is as real as a broken bone, or a swollen hand. It is not a way to gain attention. Of course, there are some people who use mental illness as a way to gain attention without actually being ill, but there are genuine people out there who are drowning in their own minds. And instead of supporting them, instead of understanding them, we tell them to ‘knock it off’ and we shun them. Why?

To the people suffering from mental illness: it’s okay to be unstable. It’s okay to disassociate. It’s okay to hide from the world. It’s okay to need help.

It’s okay not to be okay. Your mental illness is not a personal failure! Please do seek help from a therapist if you need it. They will help you. Do not destroy yourself for fear of the society. One in every three people suffer from mental illness! I know it may feel like it, but you are not alone. Don’t give up on yourself. Your mental illness is just a part of you, do not let it define you. – Adena Andvers

Please read more of Adena’s work via her blog. You can also see her amazing photos on Instagram!

Thank you so much for reading this post. Over the next few weeks there will be more posts like this. Including a collaboration with Jules (Casual & Up Close). It’s been really exciting to work with my followers for such a great cause. Please feel free to speak to me if ever you are suffering. I’ll always be here for you 🙂

Are you having a good day? How are you going to priorities your mental health this month?

erin x

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5 Tips To Get You Out of a Reading Slump

The end of October is approaching and I’ve not embraced this month in the slightest. While stuck in a reading slump I did nothing to help myself to get out of it. Instead I let the storm go on and grow in intensity. So much in fact that I haven’t read a single book this month. Not one. What was going on inside my head at that time? How did I get out my slump? Here are a few tips and tricks to help ease you out of a reading slump (because I have recovered!)

Was there a certain book that got you into reading? Read it again.

I 100% believe in rereading. For every slump I have been in, rereads have picked me out of it. One book that really inspired me to begin book blogging was The Hawkweed Prophecy. It opened up a whole new genre of reading which made me create a bookstagram account. I was then sucked into the aesthetically-pleasing-book-photo rabbit hole and decided to start talking about my new love for books. If I had my own copy then I would read it again and try to pinpoint what made it so special to me!


I read The Hawkweed Prophecy in April on Llandudno Pier, Wales

Read a children’s book.

As a child I was obsessed with anything Jaqueline Wilson. To relight that childhood imagination within me I decided to read one of her books again! I realised what made it so special to me and felt like a book obsessed child again. That really motivated me to seek out more stories but with mature themes in them.

Listen to audiobooks.

I am not blessed with the beauty of audible but BBC Sounds has occasional audiobooks on there. In the past few months there have been Michelle Obama’s “Becoming” and Magaret Atwood’s “The Testaments”. They seem to always be new releases which can be beneficial to book bloggers (if that is what you are). Listening to an audiobook means that you have no excuse for being unable to get through books. Sometimes there is not enough time for sitting down to read so you can listen instead while completing tasks like housework or when you are on the daily commute to work/school.


Pick up something short and easy.

I would not recommend classics when I say this. They take such a long time to trudge though so it can be quite demotivating. Go for something like a contemporary or a children’s novel (as I have mentioned above). A big reason for reading slumps is when you expect too much of yourself. I foolishly set a reading goal of 100 pages a day. That could be easy if I’m reading a contemporary but when I’m reading fantasy it is hardly achievable.


Don’t set a reading goal.

Because when you do and fail to meet it then you’ll never want to read again. It’s a stupid idea and I can tell you that from experience.

Thank you for reading today’s very short and sweet post! I hope that you can take some advice from it and work your way out of your reading slump but please remember that it does take time. If you don’t feel like reading then don’t do it, because obviously you don’t have passion in it anymore! I fell out of love with drawing about half a year ago and I don’t miss it at all and that’s completely normal. Everyone has their phases, but I know that books will always call me home.

Happy reading – or whatever else you like doing!