Present, Future, Past

Don’t look into the future: ‘what I could be’

Don’t look to the past ‘what did I see’

Look in present,

Why I am me.

Perfection Is Procrastination

I would like to contribute my own bit of information to help spread awareness of the well-being of mental health. Every day for me is Mental Health Awareness Day, and I know as a minor sufferer of OCD that even the slightest things in our lives come out with a large impact.

Today in my English lesson I was writing a Gothic Narrative. I had write up about 100 drafts in the process of getting it to where I want it to be, and it still isn’t yet there. I found some really interesting information about how procrastination isn’t actually linked to perfectionism, but to a grudge of an emotional ‘waterfall’. I can say myself that I am very restraint of procrastination and hold a strong shield before it. Yet, it isn’t the same for all of us…


Chronic procrastinators often hold misconceptions about why they procrastinate and what it means, psychologists have discovered. Many chronic procrastinators believe they can’t get started on a task because they want to do it perfectly. Yet studies show chronic procrastination isn’t actually linked to perfectionism, but rather to impulsiveness, which is a tendency to act immediately on urges.

People may assume anxiety is what prevents them from getting started, yet data from many studies show that for people low in impulsiveness, anxiety is the cue to get going. Highly impulsive people, on the other hand, shut down when they feel anxiety. Impulsive people are believed to have a harder time dealing with strong emotion and want to do something else to get rid of the bad feeling.

Some people claim they purposely leave things to the last minute because they work better under stress, but true procrastinators get stressed out by the delay. It’s arguable whether the quality of their work is actually better than if they had started earlier.

I can’t leave possibly leave things a day after the activity has been set, and this is why often my mind is like a roasted peanut. I get told off for being such a ‘perfectionist’.

And clearly I may be a procrastinator?



Religion Is a Problem – But It Isn’t Wrong | Blogmas Day Six

Today I wanted to do something I bit different than what you have already seen so far this December. Because all I really have done is the popular lifestyle edge of things rather than the real, raw Erin. I like to write mostly about what is right and wrong – what is different and similar – and how we can decide which is which. Through the perspective of society we just have to get on with life and believe that some things are true in order for us all to understand each other. *sips tea*

Us, we just have to get on with life and not question the right or wrong. Otherwise things get confusing. If we take away the distinction between what is by law and morally right or wrong we are left with nothing. And, this is where it gets confusing, because we all have different morals. Religion helps people have their own morals shared with other people. This is what a religion is. This is why, at the moment in England, people are trying to get veganism through Parliament as a philosophical belief.

I think we should take the stigma away from religion. Society trains our eyes to see religion as something Holy or Godly and blessed. But it’s not. It can just be a group of people believing in the same thing, like veganism for example. Or it can be ungodly. It can be dangerous. We look back in history at so many people discriminating other religions. So many people misunderstanding each other. So many people not listening to what you have to say and why you believe in what you do. And that’s all it is. Hitler didn’t listen and therefore created the controversy which was the Holocaust. He wasn’t used to listening, he had been brought up so terribly and believing within his family how he should go on with life. I don’t think he had much of a choice to not have not listened to what was said in his early life. Then after that, he blocked *gulps tea* out other voices. 

I hope that what I have just said hasn’t hurt anyone. I know some people who will not like what I have said – and please let me know so that I can educate myself and not say it again. I feel though that I have to say what I have to say.

Religion is problem, but it’s not wrong in my morality. *looks at the bottom of mug to see there’s no tea left*

I’ve came to the end of my tea so I think this is now I time that I should summarise the post a bit. I have lots to say on this subject, but all I feel I’ll do is cause an argument (maybe I already have). Please tell me your thoughts on this post. It’s definetely more my usual self than the lifestyle post that Blogmas/the media (speaking as if it’s a person) loves. I would like to not misunderstand your beliefs so please let me know what you are thinking in the comments or in an email (if you would like it to be private).

Truth Is a Lie

Science is a theory proven by science therefore making it true enough to base where we come from. Because we don’t know. Maybe God did. How can we find out? We can’t.

But how far does the concept of truth go? We’ve created this words and their meanings – but how far do they reach out to others. Is truth really what we think it is? Do some people have insights into different worlds and being back information to tell us but do it sneakily in the form of ‘fictional books’.

What really is language if what only defines it is language?

A thought for you to feed on.

I Don’t Know My Body

I am part of my body yet I don’t know how it feels. I have to learn what’s in my body even though I live with it. It’s there, but I don’t understand every cell and I don’t speak to every nerve. I have to be reminded what all the organ systems are, even though they are in me.

My brain has a family but doesn’t know it. Yet I know of my brain. It’s very strange to think that I don’t know if I could have a disease when it’s already in me.

When I was younger, in school they said ‘this is the way your body speaks to you – by nerves’ but I am my body.

I’m in it. I’m here.

I know lots of things but they do not make my brain larger – at least I don’t think so. I know that I am writing this and breathing air but my brain doesn’t grow for every breath.

Then I have my mind. Which is something else. Science is a theory proven by science itself – so can we trust it? Maybe we’re all just ghosts.

Humans think they know everything. They think they’re above everything else. And to make our lives make sense we need to believe one thing: that it is dangerous.

We created these words ourselves but we are not intelligent. We just crave social activity. And, you may be there thinking that you hate being around other people… but you don’t like being lonely. You just need the right people.

And then comes along me, I’m writing this not thinking I’m smarter than any of you. But we’re just ghosts in the end. That’s all we can ever be because science is only proved by science. We could be characters in someone’s storybook, cells in another living being’s body – actually lets not go that far. We don’t know what is real.

I am only ever able to think about everything that relates with this. Because typing it would be making me look strange. There’s no words if it isn’t real.

I’m not great at describing – but I hope this made you think. It’s a lot to get our minds around.

That’s why belief exists. Because we don’t know what’s real or where truth began.

These words may not even be real.