This Is Not A Blog Post | Blogmas Day Nine

I’ve been trying to procrastinate blogging so I can have a chilled weekend, but it actually feels worse. Yesterday I posted late because instead of scheduling it for 2:00 am I scheduled for 2:00pm. Then yesterday I was having a really good day and was seriously procrastinating. That meant I didn’t write a post for 2:00 am this morning – but I am still getting a post up. I don’t like being lazy. It gives me a feeling at the top of my head that I will never grow to love. I’m so much better at being productive. The stereotype of relaxation is doing nothing much, but that’s just a stereotype. I like to relax by drawing or writing or doing something creatively enhancing – not sitting watching television or scrolling mindlessly through my Instagram feed.

I have lots of posts I would like to write, and then I have lots posts I can’t write very well (they’re the same thing). Not well enough for an audience that will enjoy it. At the moment I have no idea if I will write Monday’s post today and Tuesday’s. I will write them on the day, not before. Because maybe I won’t be here on Wednesday and you still think I am.

This is not a blog post.

You Broke Me | Blogmas Day Eight

I have not been writing poems recently. To open your laptop with the intention to write is easy – I write whatever even if it’s not very good. But with the intention to write poems it is much harder. I can’t say that October’s poems were any good, I didn’t like many of them myself. It’s really hard to pressurise yourself into that frame of mind – it’s a feeling that does come naturally and will come to me every now and then.

I also like writing songs. The difference is that a poem can be read by almost any voice, but the song cannot. It has a particular rhythm to work. I don’t want to sing for you on my blog! The whole intention of this blog was just to write. Not songs, no related YouTube channel – nothing like that. Just words that can be interpreted by anyone and anything. With songs it has a particular way of being said and interpreted. That’s why when I put lyrics of a song out for you to read it didn’t go down very well. My very ill-wisdomed self thought you could read it in the same way, but I am not a magician with words as others are. Some authors can put a rhythm through their words and anyone can see it. I am not that person. That magician. I aspire to be, but I am not there yet. Time with teach me the great lessons so I can perform well without knowing it… hopefully. *gulps down all the tea that has gotten cold whilst I have been writing*

I want to be able to write a poem soon. I don’t know if the feeling will come to me? But I can see it slowly but surely coming back to life. In my gut I can imagine a big blob of poeticness and it is climbing up through my chest and soon it will come out of my mouth and travel to the hands where I shall type it all out. That big blob is red, and green, and grey. All colours. Not blue. The blue blob seems negative. The blue blob is what is coming out of my mouth right now and I’m going to put it in a bag and chuck that bag as far as I can. Goodbye!


I used to think,

I was better alone.

Why did I say I want to be on my own.

Why did you leave, think I was good without you.

Because I’m not, I’m not healing, I’d rather be too.


So next time you make a mistake like that,

Don’t be blind and don’t be a rat.

I wish you’d understand,

I want you here not there.

And you know it because you love me and you really do care.


It’s hard to speak to you,

Via text and in words.

You don’t understand,

How much it hurts.

5 Things That TV Is Made For | What To Watch This Christmas | Blogmas Day Seven

No, I’m not a freak – but I haven’t watched The Grinch. Or Miracle On 34th Street… not yet anyway! A big part of Christmas in Britain is the Christmas TV and movies. In this post I would like to share with you my top five Christmas TV programmes and movies to watch this December and most of these I like to binge as I put up the decorations (which I haven’t done yet) and write my cards as it is on in the background.

Doctor Who

I don’t know if you saw it coming! I am such a Whovian and Christmas specials are usually my favourite but there isn’t one this year! Instead (I think it’s to be inclusive) it will be on New Year’s Day. I am very dissapointed but I can always watch back David Tennants episodes (which are my favourite) as I get on with making decorations – by decorations I mean making too many pom-poms and not knowing what to do with them XD

The new series has been liked a lot by viewers that don’t usually watch Who and I think you might like it too! For traditionalists in the Whovian community it’s not the best series that’s ever been made but for entertainment purposes it’s really good. I have lots to say from the whovian point of view but this blog is something completely different! Those two mindsets should not collide!



Both Nativity 1, 2 and 3 are really good films. It’s not really a dramatic sort of movie, it’s a  good family film or something to watch when you are really tired but want a bit of something to do. I like watching this at sleepovers with my friends – we don’t really watch it but just sing-a-long with the songs and chat between them XD. I love these movies so much and I don’t know why – but you’d probably understand if you watched them.

The Muppets: A Christmas Carol

I don’t think there should be any reason why should watch it other than… just do! There’s something about Christmas movies that I can’t really put a reason behind. I just really enjoy watching them and I can’t say anything about why you should. Maybe that means they’re bad movies – but they aren’t! I just can’t say anything. Watch the films! You may understand. It may just be the films I’ve listed so far – but maybe not.

Okay, so I’ve ranted. I shouldn’t go off on tangents like this and go off topic – but at times when it gets hard for me to write I just slide into topic I shouldn’t. This time I’m not going to delete all the stuff I don’t want there – I’ll just leave it as it is.

There’s something I’m working on at the moment that is just draining all the ‘everything else’ from me. I don’t know if I should keep this blog and the project separate but I would like to let you know. I will think about it tonight and you may be seeing it on Saturday!

Enough of that, and have a nice day.


Religion Is a Problem – But It Isn’t Wrong | Blogmas Day Six

Today I wanted to do something I bit different than what you have already seen so far this December. Because all I really have done is the popular lifestyle edge of things rather than the real, raw Erin. I like to write mostly about what is right and wrong – what is different and similar – and how we can decide which is which. Through the perspective of society we just have to get on with life and believe that some things are true in order for us all to understand each other. *sips tea*

Us, we just have to get on with life and not question the right or wrong. Otherwise things get confusing. If we take away the distinction between what is by law and morally right or wrong we are left with nothing. And, this is where it gets confusing, because we all have different morals. Religion helps people have their own morals shared with other people. This is what a religion is. This is why, at the moment in England, people are trying to get veganism through Parliament as a philosophical belief.

I think we should take the stigma away from religion. Society trains our eyes to see religion as something Holy or Godly and blessed. But it’s not. It can just be a group of people believing in the same thing, like veganism for example. Or it can be ungodly. It can be dangerous. We look back in history at so many people discriminating other religions. So many people misunderstanding each other. So many people not listening to what you have to say and why you believe in what you do. And that’s all it is. Hitler didn’t listen and therefore created the controversy which was the Holocaust. He wasn’t used to listening, he had been brought up so terribly and believing within his family how he should go on with life. I don’t think he had much of a choice to not have not listened to what was said in his early life. Then after that, he blocked *gulps tea* out other voices. 

I hope that what I have just said hasn’t hurt anyone. I know some people who will not like what I have said – and please let me know so that I can educate myself and not say it again. I feel though that I have to say what I have to say.

Religion is problem, but it’s not wrong in my morality. *looks at the bottom of mug to see there’s no tea left*

I’ve came to the end of my tea so I think this is now I time that I should summarise the post a bit. I have lots to say on this subject, but all I feel I’ll do is cause an argument (maybe I already have). Please tell me your thoughts on this post. It’s definetely more my usual self than the lifestyle post that Blogmas/the media (speaking as if it’s a person) loves. I would like to not misunderstand your beliefs so please let me know what you are thinking in the comments or in an email (if you would like it to be private).

5 Ways To Get Into The Christmas Spirit! (And Not Be a Scrooge) | Blogmas Day Five

As you may have seen in yesterday’s post (if you haven’t read it the link is here) I didn’t really feel up to writing this post but I have – I don’t yet know if it’s turned out okay and it has turned out way better than I expected it to be and I really enjoyed writing it and I think you will like reading it! As you may have guessed from the title, this post is all about getting into the Christmas spirit. Sometimes feelings like this naturally come but to keep the momentum I like to do these five things!

Listening to Christmas music

You hear the same music every year that relates with Christmas. Not necessarily the hymns or carols but the pop songs like ‘Last Christmas’ and ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’. No matter how repetitive these songs are throughout late November and December I always love them. I have a tendency to turn on my CD player for this music and I have ‘Now That’s What I Call Christmas’ on CD and I love listening it in the none-digital way. There’s three CDs in the collection and it goes in order of the month, with the last CD having mostly New Year songs. I really love Katy Perry’s ‘Cozy Little Christmas’. Last Saturday I heard it for the first time and went out for a Costa Coffee and I felt way too festive for the end of November. Which brings us onto the next thing I do:

Drinking festive drinks

Better than the food, I always find that I have a lot more hot drinks at Christmas. Hot chocolate is also a drink associated with this season that I really love going overboard with (though marshmallows are a no-no because I’m vegetarian). Whipped cream, chocolate chips… the list goes on.

Costa probably looks to you like another way to spend a load of money but it is worth it – I like going out with friends to get the gingerbread lattes (do recommend) and hot chocolates (not tried it yet but those friends of mine say it’s nice) when it’s raining or just a bleak and cold day. I’m forever a water-only kind of person and I don’t know why, but Christmas always invites me in with warm drinks. Does it to you?

I also recommend the Spiced Chai Latte recipe from Zoe Sugg’s new book. I would love to share it with you but for legal copyright reasons I can’t. Buy the book!

beverage blur candy candy cane

Photo by Pixabay on

Making your own decorations

To me, I don’t really care when you put the decorations up in your home. I like to put decorations up on as soon as the 1st but that never happens. This coming weekend (the 8th) we have a chance of buying some little things for my room as it has been re-decorated this year. I only buy duvet covers and lights if I buy Christmas decorations at all. The rest of it I like to make. It brings me a bit of early Christmas. Dried orange slices and salt-dough decorations are classic. Salt-dough shapes aren’t just little kids primary school creative lessons but they can look really classy. Pinterest is a great inspiration for these things.



If you don’t have time to do creative activities like the mentioned above then it’s easy and quick to do some baking. Spiced flapjack is very easy to make and I might do a post about how to make it. It also fills the kitchen with a lovely scent as you can continue working. Getting a few friends around to put together Gingerbread Houses is something to laugh hard at and it’s very good for the competitive! I make and decorate a Gingerbread House every year and it feels painful to eat such a masterpiece (it’s not, but it’s hard work 😂).

Reading books and binge-reading blogs

This is something I wish I had a lot more time to do. I know some people who despise reading but I absolutely love it. I don’t like the whole eBook and ‘audible’ thing – I prefer to be handling the pages with my own hands. What do you think? I know there’s a lot of mixed opinion with things – and when I am doing something that can have a bit of something on in the background I prefer it to be music and not Podcasts or things like that. However, I do like some radio dramas, BBC Radio 4 is obviously the best for this. I think curling up with a book and some chocolate is a lovely way to spend an evening, it just feels so cosy and Christmassy. It’s quite therapeutic and relaxing too as I am not focusing on my world but rather someone else’s.

black pen on white book page

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Binge-reading blogs is something I wish I had more time for, and if I have an hour spare where I feel really tired I will have a cup of tea and start reading all of your posts. I like blogs because you can interact with the author and show them your response immediately after reading their content. I think this is a thing YouTube lacks as there is less interaction. But anyway, YouTube is good fun.

Well that’s five things! There are definitely more – and that can be another post which spreads out the content so I have something for everyday! Thank you for reading this post, it certainly took longer to write than it has for you to read! What do you do to get into the Christmas spirit and are there any traditions you have within your family that link with this?